Çerez Örnek

Turkish Translators Lexicon: The online lexicon study “Translations of World Literature” aims to set a database of translators who contribute to Turkish Literature and to the enrichment of Turkish Literature by means of translation. The main purpose of this study is to list Works, which are translated from foreign languages into Turkish and then to constitute “Translators Research” study field, which is a new study in translation studies literature. Within the Lexicon Study, together with listing the translations from foreign languages into Turkish, the life of the translators are also handled  and then with the aim of setting a database of translation and translator and enriching the study, “Biyogram” and biographical studies will be prepared.

Within the context of “Turkish Translators Lexicon” study, translators who translate from Turkish Literature into foreign languages will also be handled. As a preliminary study, translators who translate from German into Turkish are handled. Within this context, we set the database of “Turkish-German Translators Lexicon”(Türkçe-Almanca Çevirmenler Sözlüğü). Moreover, biyograms are also made for these translators as in the “German-Turkish Translators Lexicon”. The book “Turkish-German Translators Lexicon” that includes which Works and by whom these Works are translated, will be published as soon as possible.

Alongside the study of “Turkish-German Translators Lexicon”, “Turkish-Arabic Translators Lexicon”, “Turkish-Bulgarian Translators Lexicon” and “Turkish-Greek Translators Lexicon” studies are also started. As stated above, within these lexicon projects the literary Works, which are translated from Turkish into those languages and literatures and from those languages and literatures into Turkish, and translators of these works will be studied and handled.


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