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What is a biogram?

Biogram is a brief life description, which represents the most important data and stations of a person. The word biogram sourced from the Greek. Bios is derived from the word "life" and gramma from the word "writing"; curriculum vitae (CV) or life history. The data in the biogram is limited to the most necessary.
The term biogram is not to be confused with the frequently occurring term biography; the term biography (e.g. biographical work) involves a more detailed work, the term biogram, on the other hand, is limited to the most principal data. If you look at the word forms of the terms biography and biogram, you notice that they are based on the difference of the Greek components "-graphie" and "-gram". While "graphy" characterizes a process or a method "-gram" describes a result. For example: Originally, the photograph was a process, the product was called photogram. Since today everyone just says photo, the difference is no longer noticeable.




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