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Criteria for biograms

Criteria for constraction translator’s biograms

A) Photo
1-With certain people => for example: his/her author/ friend/ wife/ husband/ son etc. 
2-In a certain place => for example: At the working desk or in the component country

B) Main text
1-Name, surname, date of birth, place of birth (*); date of death and place of death (†)

2-Data about the family

  • Data about the jobs of the parents
  • Other information about mother/ father? => for example: His father was also a translator.

3- Data about the marriage

  • Married/ single/ widow
  • Profession of the wife/ husband, children, professions of the children?
  • Data about the children => for example: They also work as translators!

4- Education

  • Primary school. If it plays an important role in the life of translator.
  • Only college and university => What language has he learned?

5- Profession

  • What? Where? When?
  • Is translation his main or secondary activity?

6- Other individual data

  • Friends with X.
  • Important life stations?/ Milestones in his/ her life?

7- Languages

  • From/ in which language does he/ she translate?

8- Information about the translation activity of the translator

  • His/ her translation method? Translation understanding?

9- Awards

  • What award did he/ she get?

C) Publications

  • Works of the translator
  • Translated works

D) Bibliography

  • From which sources comes the information
  • All data inclusive photo must be remarked with source


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